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Sunday, February 19, 2017


As is imminent  by the recent posts, I am relaunching this blog under new premises.

It was formerly intented to serve as a platform for telling the story of my VBCW in Ireland games, but proved to be too time consuming and less enjoyable. Also the project has sunk on my personal priority list. Therefore I will use this blog to present my newest progressions (and some older) of my different wargaming projects. These include:

1. American War of Independence (using the "British Grenadier" ruleset)
2. Bolt Action (Polish, British BEF for 1940, German Wehrmacht)
3. Warhammer Fantasy (Halflings, Dogs of War, Undead, Dwarves)
4. Team Yankee (Soviets, British will follow)
5. A Fantastic SAGA
6. Lion Rampant (Burgundy, Swiss, Mercenaries)
7. and of course VBCW in Ireland

Obviously, there are some intended crossovers between projects, so British can be used for VBCW and BA; Warhammer miniatures for AFS and LR, and so on.

My aim is to post a new piece at least once a week. Mainly these will be new units, but the occasional battle report is also to be expected.

So, cheers and good luck for this new round of tabletop blogging.
Greetings to all old and welcome new readers!

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