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Saturday, July 1, 2017

The British are coming

Or "The Regulars are coming!", like the original alarm cry of Paul Revere, history's most celebrated coward (read Bernard Cornwell's "The Fort!).

Here are some reinforcements for my AWI British forces. I bought these three regiments off ebay, but had to do some heavy retouching to at least closely match my usual painting standard.

First, there is the 4th (King's Own) Royal Regiment of Foot. Raised in Lancaster, It fought at the Battles of Lexington and Concord in April 1775, the Battle of Bunker Hill in June 1775 and the Battle of Long Island in August 1776. It also saw action at the Battle of Fort Washington in November 1776, the Battle of Germantown in October 1777 and the Battle of White Marsh in December 1777.
4th Regiment in full order

Next up, there is the 46th (South Devonshire) Regiment of Foot. The regiment arrived in North Carolina in April 1776. It fought at the Battle of Long Island in August 1776, the Battle of White Plains in October 1776 and the Battle of Fort Washington in November 1776. It saw further action during the Philadelphia campaign at the Battle of Brandywine in September 1777 the Battle of Paoli also in September 1777 and the Battle of Germantown in October 1777. 
It was following the British attack on the Americans at Paoli, where the light company of the regiment took no prisoners and the Americans demanded vengeance, that the regiment decided to insert identifying red feathers in their caps to prevent anyone else suffering on their account: hence the nickname the Red Feathers. The regiment went on to fight at the Battle of Monmouth in June 1778 and operations against New Bedford and Martha's Vineyard in September 1778. It sailed for the West Indies in November 1778 and took part in the attack on Saint Lucia and the Battle of Vigie in December 1778.
The 46th Regiment

Finally, there is the combined battalion of the 2nd Grenadiers, consisting of the grenadier companies of the 37th, 40th, 43rd, 44th, 45th, 46th, 49th, 52nd, 57th, 63rd, and 64th Regiments.

Combined 2nd Grenadiers in marching order

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