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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Burgundian Men-at-Arms & Swiss Pikes

While preparing a larger post of three game reports, here is a little peak at some units for Lion Rampant, which I finished a while ago. First there are two units of 6 Burgundian Men-at-Arms.

This is the 1st Company of Ordnance Men-at-Arms, which is lead by Jacques I. Mouton, seigneur de Harchies (on the outer left). I tried to differentiate the Men-at-Arms by painting schemes, so for this one I emphasized the red-yellow striped pattern.

Seigneur Jacques I. Mouton and his herold.
The rest of 1st company
Next up is the 15th Company of Ordnance Men-at-Arms in Charles the Bold's army. They are lead by Louis de Berlaymont, portrayed here with a fierce warhammer. For this unit I went with the classic Burgundian colour scheme of blue and whit with vermillion red saltires. All of these models are Foundry's Gendarmes. They are full of character and painted up nicley.

15th company in full array

All of these splendid models are Foundry's Gendarmes. They are full of character and painted up nicley. They will either fight as two 6-men units in Lion Rampant or may be fleshed up by some lighter Coustoulliers for larger battles with rulesets like Swordpoint in the future.

Finally, the Burgundians need opponents, so I present to you: the SWISS!
A block of 24 Pikemen, painted up in the colour scheme of the city of Berne, which was the main adversary of Charles the Bold during the Burgundian Wars. The models are Perry's amazing plastic 15th century mercenaries, which are not only nice miniatures, but also a lot of worth for little money.

The full Swiss pike block
I painted them years ago for my Warhammer Dogs of War army and recently touched them up as Bernese Pikemen with little to no armour, ignoring some of the sculpted leather jupons. In Lion Rampant they will  fight as two 12-men units of foot yeomen either as moving shiltron or experts, combined with the optional pike rule, giving them 3+ defense vs. cavalry. In larger games, I will use them as one big pike block.

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