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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Landsknecht Halberdiers

Here are some Landsknechts armed with halberds, which I (re-)painted some time ago.

Originally, they were intended to be used with my old Warhammer Fantasy Dogs of War army as the Paymaster's Bodyguard. Therefore, I painted them in an green/white/red-Italian colour scheme.

Later, I re-painted them and added some more colour, yellow and sky blue, so they looked more like the historical German Landsknechts they are. I intend to use them as Expert Foot Sergeants for Lion Rampant or as Landsknecht Halberdiers in Open Order for Swordpoint.

The models are mainly Landsknechts from Artizan, the captain and guy behind them are old Citadel/GW, the standard bearer is a Gamezone miniature and the drummer comes from an old Surprise Egg (Ü-Ei), representing a Swiss mercenary.

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