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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

M3 Lee Tank

To bolster my British forces for Bolt Action to keep pace with the mid-war armour race, some time ago, I aquired a M3 Lee tank. With its 6 pdr gun in the hull and QF 2 pdr in the turret this mobile anti-tank platform will be a nightmare for axis amoured vehicles in the desert. In addition the Vickers MGs in the turret and cupola have the ability to mow down a lot of infantry, too.  

The model was a resin miscast by Warlord Games, so I bought it rather cheap off eBay. But besides some airbubbles, which I had to remove, luckily nothing miscast is visible.

This M3 Lee is painted up in exactly the same desert camo scheme like the M3 Grant shown in the Bovinton Tank Museum. Therefore it is destined to serve in North Africa under Field Marshal Montgomery with the 86th Desert Rats, as the decals indicate.

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