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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Polish Reinforcements

Here I present some recent reinforcements for my Polish Army for Bolt Action. The core theme of my Polish force for the 1939 Blitzkrieg is the 10th Motorized Cavalry Brigade. They were an elite unit and the first (of only two!) to be trained as motorized infantry with integral tank support and part of the Krakow Army.

The 10th Mot. Cav. fought a delaying action in the southern corridor of Poland against German 2nd Panzer Division, 4th Light Division and 3rd Gebirgsjäger Division, including the Battle of Jordanow. During these 5 days they slowed the German advance, giving only 10km of ground. The 10th also acted as a screening unit, defending bridges and fords, during the fighting withdrawal prior to the Battle of Lwow. Due to the tanker leather coats worn by part of the unit, especially officers, and their hard fighting resistance, the Germans nicknamed the Unit the "Black Brigade".

This Black Brigade squad is by Warlord and displays the distinctive greatcoats and the khaki coalscuttle helmet from Austrian WWI surplus. Some images of figures waering the black leather jacket will follow in another post some time.

A light mortar team by Gorgon Studies with the Polish Granatnik wz.36 mortar.

A 100mm Skoda wz. 1914 medium howitzer as artillery support for the 10th Mot. Cav.. Its an upgraded WWI howitzer exported by Czechoslovakia. The gun is a diecast toy bought off eBay and the soldiers are from Warlord's Polish Light Howitzer. 

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