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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

British 8-inch Howitzer Mk V

Bringing in some very big gun!
Here is my BL 8-inch howitzer Mk V crewed by the Royal Artillery. This remaining piece of WWI will serve as a heavy gun with the Royalists in VBCW as well as the BEF in 1940 France for Bolt Action. Some of its successor models, the Mk VIII were still in use then, so I will play it as a standard heavy howitzer.

I really like this model, as it is extremly impressive on the tabletop. The gun is also quite heavy in the literal sense, as it is fully made of lead! Don't know the manufacturer though, got it on eBay. The RA crew models fit nicely and are from Reiver Castings' WWI range.

I am still waiting for the pictures from my first Team Yankee game last week, on which there will also be a video battle report!
Furthermore, I am re-working my whole AWI collection with AP Anti-Shine spray, which I recently discovert to be just awesome. Way better than my usual matt varnish, I recomend it to everyone sincerly.

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